VSAT Ref : IT-V2-131-CDW

VSAT INTELLIAN Antenna 125cm



Superior RF Performance


With its 3-axis stabilization platform, the v130G has superior tracking performance, ideal for offshore vessels, commercial ships, the oil and gas industry, as well as mission-critical operations, such as surveillance or vessel monitoring where uninterrupted connectivity is a requirement.

The v130G’s higher-gain RF performance design enables the antenna to operate on the fringes of the signal footprint, increasing throughput and reducing operational costs.

Seamless Signal Reception

The v130G has an unlimited azimuth range for continuous tracking without unwrapping the cables in the antenna. The wide elevation range from -20 to +120 degrees, enables the v130G to have seamless signal reception while the vessel is traveling near the equator or in higher latitudes.
The v130G is the best choice for global offshore operators seeking to maximize their investment in a reliable, high throughput broadband capability.

Product advantages

The v130G offers superior RF performance with its simple yet sophisticated design that reduces installation time and total cost of ownership


The antenna VSAT IV130G is characterized by : 

  • Higher-gain performance significantly increases throughput and reduces operational costs
  • Superior RF Performance with higher antenna gain and x-pol isolation
  • Remote Management using Aptus Web. Wi-Fi enabled ACU for local control using Aptus Mobile or PC
  • Save installation and maintenance time with automated diagnostics and built in Spectrum Analyzer feature
  • Gyro-Free Satellite Search Capability without input from a ships compass
  • Dual VSAT Mediator integrates two VSAT antennas to combat onboard blockage zones
  • Open Platform system architecture works with all leading airtime service providers
  • 3-Year Global Warranty backed by over 300 Intellian Service and Support centers around the world
Remote Access via Aptus Web
  • Built-in web interface: Remote Upgrades, Automatic Diagnostics, Spectrum Analyzer Function
  • Access all onboard Intellian antennas (including TVRO) through the onboard network
 Global Operation, One Antenna
  • Standard equipped with Intellian's patented Global PLL LNB, capable of receiving a full range of operating frequencies from any VSAT satellite around the globe
  • All Intellian VSAT antennas automatically switch between Co-pol and X-pol
 Gyro-free Operation
  • No required input from ship's heading device
  • Quick setup to reduce installation time. Automated Bow offset function in Aptus
 Global Satellite Library
  • Preinstalled database of detailed satellite data with one-touch remote updating feature through Aptus
  • Customizable satellite library for a specific network
 Open Platform Compatibility
  • Fully compatible with all major service providers
  • Preconfigured modem settings provided in a simple drop down menu using Aptus
 Auto Beam Switching (ABS)
  • Supports ABS via the OpenAMIP protocol from iDirect and Comtech's ROSS Open Antenna Management (ROAM) protocol
 Optional Dual VSAT Mediator
  • Ensures uninterrupted broadband communications by seamlessly switching between two antennas
  • Communicates simultaneously with two Antenna Control Units (ACU). Ideal for redundant antenna environments
 3 Year Global Warranty
  • Industry leading 3-year parts and workmanship guarantee with a 2-year labor warranty for all antenna systems, ensuring peace of mind with your hardware investment
  • The new warranty policy (3 year parts and 2 year labor) is only valid for products purchased after 1st, January 2017
 Anatel Approved
  • Approved for sale and operation in Brazil

In the box

1 X Satellite antenna (outdoor) IV130G 
1 X Antenna Controller (ACU) 
2 X RG6 cables, 3m (ACU <-> Modem) 
2 X RG6 Cables, 15m (ACU <-> Antenna) 
1 X ACU power cable, 1,50m 
1 X PC serial cable, 1.80m (ACU <-> PC) 
1 X USB cable, 1.80m (ACU <-> PC) 
1 X Interface Cable, 1.50m (ACU <-> iDirect Modem) 
1 X DB9 plug - 2 N / F adapters 
1 X USB stick for updates and information backup 
1 X User Manual 
1 X Installation Template
Installation material

Technical characteristics

Band : Ku
BUC : 8W or 16W
LNB : 2
Parabola diameter : 125cm
Type : 3 axes