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Fish Finder Amplifier

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You spoke. We listened. And now we delivered! TZtouch3 incorporates a powerful internal 1kW TruEcho CHIRP™ Fish Finder. For many, this is the perfect Fish Finder, but for some, they need more power. So, we proudly bring you Deep Impact (DI-FFAMP), a high-powered 2kW/3kW amplifier that connects to the internal TruEcho CHIRP™ Fish Finder. But if that's not enough, Deep Impact allows you to connect a 5kW or 10kW transducer with the BT-5. Go big or go home!

Deep impact TruEcho CHIRP™

High-powered TruEcho CHIRP™ is available for TZtouch3 by interfacing the Deep Impact (DI-FFAMP) to the internal Fish Finder. Deep Impact boosts your power to a 2/3 kW CHIRP Fish Finder. High-powered TruEcho CHIRP™ ensures that your echoes come back strong & clear at every depth range, displaying fish targets and bottom structure with amazing clarity.

Sea trials

Screen capture taken in Mediterranean sea.
Equipment: NavNet TZtouch 3 internal sounder, DI-FFAMP power amplifier, R109LHW transducer.
Depth: 767m.

Depth: 489m.

Depth: 210m.


Display Modes: Single (High or Low frequency), Dual (Both High and Low frequencies), Bottom-lock, Bottom-Zoom, A-Scope
Frequency : 18 to 225 kHz
Broadband (CHIRP): Available 2 ch
Range Scale: Max. 3,000m
Output Power: 2kW/3kW/5kW*

Temperature: -15°C to +55°C
Waterproofing: IP22

12-24 VDC
43.1 W, 3.2-1.9 A

TRANSDUCERS (Specify when ordering)

2 kW Dual-Band CHIRP
PM111LH, PM111LHW, PM111LM, PM411LWM, R109LH, R109LHW, R109LM, R111LH, R111LM, R409LWM

2/3 kW Dual-Band CHIRP
CM599LH, CM599LHW, CM599LM, R509LH, R509LHW, R509LM, R599LH, R599LM

2 kW Single-Band CW
28BL-6HR, 38BL-9HR, 50BL-12HR, 82B-35R, 88B-10, 200B-8/8B

3 kW Single-Band CW
28BL-12HR, 38BL-15HR, 50BL-24HR, 68F-30H, 100B-10R, 150B-12H

5 kW Single-Band CW*
28F-38M**, 50F-38**, 88F-126H, 200B-12H

10 kW Single-Band CW*
28F-72**, 50F-70**

*Rated power of these transducer is 5/10 kW, but actual output power from DI-FFAMP is 3 kW.
**Booster Box BT-5 is needed for these transducers.
Note: DI-FFAMP Requires connection to the TZtouch3 Internal Fish Finder.

Technical characteristics

Frequency : 18-225 kHz
Power : 2k-3k W
Power input : 12/24 V
Waterproof : 22 IP

Parts and accessories

00001252100 BT-5-2 BOOSTER BOX 10KW/DUALFREQUENCY - 1 500,00 € With VAT (20%)
CM599LH Transducer CHIRP, P & T, XID 28-60/130-210 kHz 2-3kW NC
R509LH-W R509LHW Wide-beam Chirp-ready External Mount 5 337,60 € With VAT (20%)
28BL-6HR Transducer 28BL-6HR - 28kHz - Plastic - cable 15m 1 764,00 € With VAT (20%)
50BL-12HR Furuno FRP Transducer Blt Type 50BL-12HR 2kw 50kHz No Plug 1 740,00 € With VAT (20%)
88B-10 Sonde 88B10 - 88kHz - Rubber - câble 15m 1 098,00 € With VAT (20%)
200B-8B Transducer 200B8B (1 or 2kW) - 200kHz - Rubber - cable 15m NC
82B-35R Transducer 82B35R 65 to 110kHz - Rubber - cable 15m 2 940,00 € With VAT (20%)
38BL-9HR 38BL-9HR SONDE 2KW 38KHz 15M HOUSING IN FRP 1 742,40 € With VAT (20%)