Beacon & SART Ref : OS-710S-00607

The Ocean Signal SafeSea S100 is an X-band radar transponder which complies with IMO SOLAS regulations.

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The  SafeSea S100 is an X-band radar transponder which complies with IMO SOLAS regulations.

The radar transponder SafeSea S100 SART assists in rescue and recovery providing an enhanced target in response to radars operating in the vicinity. When switched on the radar transponder S100 remains in standby mode until automatically activated by a ship's X-band radar. It then transmits a series of pulses which are displayed on the radar as a line of dots proving range and bearing to the emergency.

Product advantages

The radar transponder S100 have different strengths such as : 
- User replaceable battery
- Non Hazardous battery
- Five year replacement interval
- Supplied complete with telescopic pole and storage bracket
- Superb battery operating life, even at low temperatures (at -20°C)
- Operating temperature: -20 ° C to 55 ° C
- Provides 12 hours operating use even after 96 hours in standby
- Battery is non-hazardous for shipping purposes
- Compact size ? ideal for packing within a life raft canister
- Intuitive operating controls - identical to operation of the SafeSea EPIRB - reducing stress in times of emergency


Standards: Features match or exceed the following standards: IMO A.694 (17), MSC.247 (83); IEC61907-1, IEC60945

In the box

1 X Radar S100 transponder
1 X Screw wall mount
1 X Screw kit
1 X Allen key for removing the battery
1 X Lithium battery LB3S (Ref: 2.004.0001)
1 X User manual

Technical characteristics

Function : SART
Type : Transponder
WeelMarked : YES
Autonomy : 12 h
Battery replacement life (years) : 5
Weight : 0.440 Kg

Parts and accessories

OS-711S-00609 LB3S BATTERIA LITIO SART S100 POUR S100 S100 154,80 € With VAT (20%)
OS-110S-00173 REPLACEMENT BREAK OFF S100 PROTECTIVE TABS S100 - Replaced by OS-711S-01397 5,10 € With VAT (20%)