Furuno France and Furuno Italia are subsidiaries of FURUNO ELECTRIC CO., LTD, The leader in marine electronics. Present in America, Europe and Asia, Furuno has 24 subsidiaries, 4 service centers and more than 45 national distributors around the world.



  • 1938: Mr. Kiyotaka FURUNO founds FURUNO ELECTRIC SHOKAI LTD, in Nagasaki, Japan
  • 1955: FURUNO becomes FURUNO ELECTRIC CO. ; LTD
  • 1961: Development of the first transducer in the world 
  • 1965: Development of the first recorder in the world
  • 1972: Received first NMEA award for best product
  • 1986: Development of the first bird radar in the world
  • 1989: Creation of the FURUNO INT Center
  • 1990: Creation of FURUNO France SAS in France
  • 2001: Development of NavNet series
  • 2006: Development of the FCV-620 fish finder
  • 2014: Creation of FURUNO Italia SRL
  • 2016: Creation of FURUNO China CO. ; LTD
  • 2017: Creation of FURUNO Panama, S.A.
  • 2018: Furuno Sensors Win Multiple "Product Excellence" Awards at NMEA 2018 Conference and Exhibition


In 1938, Kiyotaka Furuno founded FURUNO ELECTRIC SHOKAI LTD., the predecessor of FURUNO ELECTRIC CO., LTD. While handling the works of outfitting electronics onboard vessels, he felt a strong urge to modernize fisheries, which led to his venture into developing fish finders. He successfully commercialized the world’s first practical fish finder in 1948.

In 1972, FURUNO was awarded the NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association) Best Product Award in the  fish finder category in the US. FURUNO established its first overseas subsidiary in Norway in 1974, which was followed by the establishment of subsidiaries in the US (1978) and the UK (1979), foreshadowing its full-scale entry into the international business arena.

FURUNO became listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange in 1982. Based upon technological proficiency gained through its involvement in the fisheries industry, FURUNO ventured into other maritime market sectors such as merchant marine and recreational marine sectors, truly becoming a total marine electronics manufacturer.

Utilizing its own ultrasound and radio wave technologies, FURUNO started making inroads into the fields of healthcare as well as Intelligent Transport System (ITS).

For maritime market, FURUNO had developed navigation system products, such as Integrated Bridge System as well as network-compatible NavNet. In addition, FURUNO entered into solution business utilizing satellite communications services and others.

OUR mission

FURUNO manufactures INS (Integrated Navigation System) ARPA, RADAR, ECDIS, GMDSS communication equipment, satellite communication system and other products for merchant marine, to contribute to safe and efficient navigation and ensure a global after sales services.

FURUNO provides a variety of navigation and communication equipment for work boats operating in rivers and bay areas, success of shore-oil-drilling platforms, tug boats at port area, offshore supply vessels, coast guard, government, surveillance and security vessels.

FURUNO Electronic products are used on all pleasure crafts (from small leisure boats up to and including yachts and mega yachts) and are valued for their high quality and simplicity of the user interface.

FURUNO has been contributing to the efficiency of commercial fishing in the world with the development of a wide range of electronics products including echo sounders, sonar, current indicators and many other devices.

FURUNO France accreditated by the major Class societies, possess the flexibility to react quickly and efficiently in the shortest time possible. The top priority of our committed and skilled employees is absolute customers satisfaction. Our motivation comes through our strong identification with the special culture of FURUNO.

Sales persons and engineers with proven competences and extensive experience in providing solutions, are prepared to fulfill your requirement - technically and commercially. Advanced logistics ensure transparent and punctual delivery - especially in cases where time is crucial. Whenever new building or retrofitting of vessels, a good and reliable support is indispensable. This is to ensure that the right technically and economically decisions are made from the very beginning. Whenever you are working, we are available for you!

Sets in all French major harbors with dedicated engineers, our network is completed by carefully selected partner companies, extending our team and consistently be meeting your requirements. In order to ensure rapid intervention, FURUNO France maintains a large stock of product and spare parts. To guarantee good performance in the world, FURUNO has been structured with qualified service centers and with offices in direct support in the major ports. In this sense we see ourselves as a competent partner to ship owing companies and shipyards, with technicians with skills, certififed by Class Society, provider of services « Services and Testing Radio » and « Annual Performance Testing of Voyage Data Recorders - VDR ».

OUR valuES

Moving forward to the future
By resolutely turning to the future and clarifying our ideal and our vision, we strive to achieve them.

Challenge the best
We seek to achieve the highest level of quality at all times in all our business activities.

Since its inception, creativity has been considered our highest value identity. We will further strengthen our position in terms of creativity in all sectors of activity.

We are committed society with the utmost sincerity.


NAVINEXT 2030 FURUNO GLOBAL VISIONTo mark the occasion of Furuno's 70th anniversary, the FURUNO Group has formulated a new management vision, FURUNO GLOBAL VISION NAVI NEXT 2030, to carry the company through to 2030.

The FURUNO Group’s management philosophy is based on three universal values: “A company exists to serve society”, “Its management must be creative”, and “The happiness of its employees comes with the growth of a company”.

The Group’s employees aim to embody four professional principles: “Face the future”, “Strive to be the best”, “Be persistently original”, and “Be sincere”. The FURUNO Group will continue to respect these universal values as it develops the company in accordance with the new management vision. This overarching vision relates not only directly to how we conduct our business, but also to human resources and corporate culture in ways that will guide us toward 2030. We are committed to raising both customer and corporate value through various sustainable and wide-ranging initiatives to achieve this vision.


Achieve better safety, security and comfort to bring about a society and sea navigation that considers the needs of people and the environment.

This business vision expresses the priority all businesses in the FURUNO Group place on working to bring about safety, security and comfort on the sea and land, as the basis for achieving a society and sea navigation that considers the needs of people and the environment. We have expanded the focus of the FURUNO Group’s business activities from offering the values of safety, security and environmental consciousness to also include comfort and humanity. This is a new marker for us as we move forward in providing customers with greater value in our existing businesses and cultivate new businesses in associated fields.

Since the time of our inception in 1948, when we commercialized the world’s first practical fish finder, the FURUNO Group has been fulfilling its mission of solving social issues through our businesses. Meanwhile, the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are becoming a shared awareness in the international society, and companies are now being called on to contribute to realizing the SDGs through their business activities. The FURUNO Group will also actively incorporate SDGs into our corporate management and basic policy for business activities, while carefully preserving the values we have cultivated since our foundation.


Value through globalization and speed is our key proposal for the focused strengthening and assessment of human resources, a valuable resource in corporate management, and corporate culture to achieve our business vision. It comprises the following three points.

  • (Value) Creating greater value together - We will cultivate a deep understanding of our vision and adopt a highly autonomous approach to achieving it. We will work together with every FURUNO Group stakeholder to create even greater value in society.
  • (Globalization) Comprehensive globalization - We will foster a global mindset in our organization, and ensure the optimal and maximum use of our internal and external resources to achieve our vision, irrespective of their affiliated division, region, country, etc. * Global mindset: A way of thinking that allows for the influence of people and groups with different cultures, customs and values.
  • (Speed) Quick and agile decisions and action - We will not falter in the face of change, as we strive to continue creating a new era.