AIS Ref : IMD031500AA

AIS Black Box Transmitter / Receiver Class B

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Product advantages

The FA70 offers accurate information exchange that can be utilized for collision avoidance
FURUNO's FA70 class-B AIS transponder receives navigation data from AIS-equipped vessels nearby that can be utilized to aid in safe navigation. Also, the FA70 transmits own ship's information to the vessels around, which also aids in collision avoidance.

  • Enhances safe navigation by exchanging critical navigation information from AIS-equipped vessels nearby
  • Greatly improves the level of the situational awareness even in fog, darkness or congested waterways
  • Flexible integration with various AIS compatible radar and chart plotters
  • High power (5W) and fast transmitting rate contributing to greater safety
  • Internal VHF splitter eliminates need for separate antenna
  • Switchable SO-TDMA and CS-TDMA
  • Receives both Class-A and Class-B AIS information
  • Initial setup can be done through the NMEA2000 network (TZT2/TZT3)
  • Silent Mode with external ON/OFF switch


IEC 60945 Ed.4+CORR.1
IMO MSC.140 (76)
ITU-R M.1371-5, DSC: ITU-R M.825-3
IEC 62287-1 Ed.3.0, IEC 62287-2 Ed.2.0, EN 303 413 V1.1.1
EN 301 843-1 V2.2.1
IEC 62368-1 Ed.3, IEC 62311 Ed.1+Ed.2

TX/RX Frequency:
156.025 MHz  162.025 MHz
Output Power: 5 W or 1 W (SO-TDMA), 2 W (CS-TDMA)

Channel Spacing:
25 kHz

Antenna Unit: IP56
Other Units: IP55

Power Supply:
12-24 VDC, 1.8-0.9 A

177(W) x55(H) x158(D) (mm)

0.52 kg (1.1 lbs)

In the box

1 X FA70
1 X Power/NMEA0183 W/2m CBL
1 X NMEA2000 W/2M CBL
1 X GPS antenna GPA-C01 W/10m CBL
1 X Fuse 5A
1 X Documents (OM, MDC, CD)

Technical characteristics

Brand : FURUNO
Built-in splitter : YES
NMEA0183 : 1
NMEA2000 : 1
Power input : 12/24 V
Transmitter receiver : 1

Parts and accessories

00003719700 FA-70-E CLASS B AIS TRANSPONDER 05S097230 NC