Récepteur Météo Ref : IMD02788001

External Black Box Weatherfax & Navtex Receiver w/5M PC Crossover Cable, Less Antenna

PRICE : 1 600,00 € With VAT (20%)


FAX30: The dematerialization

The FAX30 weather receiver can turn any NavNet or PC display into a weather fax receiver and NAVTEX for weather forecasts and safety information.
The FAX30 receiver:
- Connecting to a NavNet Display or PC via Ethernet
- User-friendly softkey menu operation on the NavNet display
- Web browsing using Internet Explorer or Netscape
- Print images and messages from a generic PC and printer
- Storage of up to 12 images on the NavNet display (depending on file size)
- Thumbnail view for easy selection of stored images
- Noise rejection for a clear image

Product advantages

The FAX30 is a dual-frequency weather and navtex fax receiver in Black-Box version for PC or NavNet display. With the facsimile function, 100 user channels are programmable. As for the Navtex function, it can send 130 messages, 8000 characters per message, bi-frequency (national 490kHz, international 518kHz).
The FAX30 is the ultimate in the range of Fax Weather. The FAX30 receives in BLU (free and without subscription) as well as the Navtex messages on the local and international bands. If you have a computer with a network card, you can use the FAX30 with your web browser. Use with a 10.4 "Navnet Indicator or a computer (TCP / IP protocol), compatible with NavNet3D and NavNetTZT.


The black box weather receiver FAX30 :   

  • Internet browser display
  • Memorization possible of 12 images (variable according to the size of the images)
  • High performance filter for clear images
  • Programmable Weather Fax

In the box

1 X Receiver FAX30
1 X Network Cable, 5m
1 X Power cable, 3,5m
1 X Set of screws 1 X Fuse 1 X User Manual

Technical characteristics

Brand : FURUNO
Consuption : 12 W
Display : PC/Navnet
Power input : 12/24 V
Type : Facsimile / Navtex
Function : Receiver

Parts and accessories

00130873000 04S4176 R4 54 597 FAX-5 ANTENNE FOUET 2.60M 138,00 € With VAT (20%)
00109338010 04S4168 *30M* CABLE EQUIPE 30M 104,40 € With VAT (20%)
00109337010 04S4168 *20M* CABLE EQUIPE NX700DPRO 04S4168 - Replaced by 00159578000 109,20 € With VAT (20%)
00015970512 MJ-A6SPF0017-050C CAVO LAN 6P CONN 6-PIN/RJ45 DA 5M PER NN3D/TZT/HUB 84,00 € With VAT (20%)
00015405210 MJ-A6SPF0014-300C CABLE ETHERNET ETHERNET NNVX2 (6PF<->6PF 30M) 276,00 € With VAT (20%)
00015405110 MJ-A6SPF0014-200C CABLE ETHERNET ETHERNET NNVX2 (6PF<->6PF 20M) 204,00 € With VAT (20%)
00015405010 MJ-A6SPF0014-100C CABLE ETHERNET ETHERNET NNVX2 (6PF<->6PF 10M) 132,00 € With VAT (20%)
00015404910 MJ-A6SPF0014-050C CABLE ETHERNET ETHERNET NNVX2 (6PF<->6PF 5M) 98,40 € With VAT (20%)
00015402710 MJ-A6SPF0014-010C CABLE ETHERNET ETHERNET NAVNET 6PF<->6PF 1M 70,80 € With VAT (20%)
00001170200 FAX-5 PRE-AMP UNIT CAVO 15M FAX-5 *15M* - 648,00 € With VAT (20%)
00014446311 MJA6SRMD/TM11AP8-005 HUB ADAPTOR CABLE 19S1005-1 NC
00109336010 04S4168 *10M* CABLE EQUIPE 89,53 € With VAT (20%)
00109339010 04S4168 *40M* CABLE ASSEMBLY 04S4168 NC
00109340010 04S4168 *50M* CABLE ASSEMBLY 04S4168 NC
00107334010 04S4176 R4 54 597 WHIP ANTENNA 04S4176 - Replaced by 00130873000 NC
00141753000 MJA6SRMD/TM11AP8-005 HUB ADAPTOR CABLE 19S1005-2 NC
00014446300 MJA6SRMD/TM11AP8-005 CABLE ADAPTATION HUB 50CM ETHERNET 6PM<->RJ45 - Replaced by 00141753000 100,46 € With VAT (20%)
00595624000 08P3218(LF)MAIN PLATINE FAX30 1 516,90 € With VAT (20%)