AIS Ref : TH-0012-002-0000

AIS Class B Transmitter / Receiver with Integrated Splitter - without antenna

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AIS (Automatic Identification System) Class B is increasingly becoming the most popular tool for navigation and safety on board pleasure crafts and smaller commercial vessels.

The CTRX Graphene units are available in two versions: one with a built in VHF antenna splitter, the CTRX Graphene+, and one w/o a built in VHF antenna splitter, the CTRX Graphene ("Graphene" w/o the "plus"-sign at the end).

Both are delevoped and manufactured in Sweden and both have receiving and transmitting capabilities. The CTRX Graphene units will send and receive ALL AIS information according to Recommendation ITU-R M.1371-4 for AIS Class A and AIS Class B.

The CTRX Graphene units will make it possible to SEE other ships, SART AIS, AtoN AIS, SAR Aircrafts and weather stations. BUT, also BE SEEN by all vessels within range equipped with AIS transponders (AIS Class A or AIS Class B).

All our AIS products (AIS Class A, AIS Class B and AIS receivers) are easy to install with the majority of the plotters or PC-navigation systems.


1 X 2m of cable Power + Data
1 X 1m of USB cable
1 X 2m of cable for connection to a VHF
1 X Installation Software and User Manual on CD

Caracteristiques techniques

Built-in splitter : 1
NMEA0183 : 1
NMEA2000 : 1
Power input : 12 V
Transmitter receiver : 1
NMEA0183 INPUT : 1
Power : 2 W
Type : Transmitter/Receiver