VSAT Ref : IT-V2-81

VSAT 83cm 3 axes X POL + BUC 8W + LNB PLL



Superior RF Performance

The higher-gain RF performance design, that is nearly equal to a 1 meter grade VSAT antenna system, enables the antenna to operate on the fringes of the signal footprint, increasing dependability when the signal matters most.
With 3-axis stabilization, the v80G provides superior tracking performance, ideal for offshore vessels, commercial ships and the oil and gas industry, as well as mission-critical operations, such as surveillance or vessel monitoring, where uninterrupted connectivity is required.

the antenna VSAT IV80G

Patented RF Technology


The v80G incorporates Intellian’s patented Global PLL LNBs supporting an unlimited number of LO frequencies, both x-pol and co-pol feeds and offers BUC options from 4W to 16W. This is an ideal system for vessels that require 1m antenna performance in a more compact size, as well as simple installation, ease of operation and reliable remote maintenance accessibility.
The v80G supplies BUC power using the TX signal cable directly from the ACU, reducing the number of antenna cables to run, while maintaining superior signal linearity and avoiding common problems associated with signal stacking into one cable.

the antenna VSAT IV80G

Plus produit

The v80G is the smallest antenna that works without the need for a spread spectrum satellite network. This provides a compact system capable of operating in either TDMA or SCPC networks

Caracteristiques techniques

Band : Ku
BUC : 4W or 8W or 16W
LNB : 2
Parabola diameter : 83cm
Type : 3 axes

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RO-00020 CABLE COAXIAL CNT400 (VSAT) 7,80 € TTC (20%)

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