Wind and weather sensors Ref : LC-CV7-C-RM-SMART100

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The rotary mast sensor CV7-C-RM-SMART100 is compatible with all our models from the CV7 range and also with the CV7-C model.
SMART simplifies the installation of your angle sensor: no more need for link-rods or belts!
This rotary mast sensor CV7-C-RM-SMART100 provides the advantages of a direct 12V power supply, as well as an output, compatible with our RM NMEA 2000 control unit. Regarding performance, it offers excellent linearity (watch the animated tutorial).
Mount the magnet under the mast, mount the SMART sensor on the roof, calibrate the RM interface.

The SMART position sensor is allows accurate control of movement and improves the efficiency and safety of operations. It is simple and its design, which eliminates the risk of mechanical failures, improves its reliability and durability.
The SMART position sensor detects the position of a magnet in relation to the sensor. There are two detection ranges available: 0 to 100° and from 0 to 180°.

Caracteristiques techniques

Barometer : NO
Bracket : Oblique
Brand : LCJ
Dynamics of the wind module : 0.25-80 Nds
NMEA0183 : 1
NMEA2000 : 1
Power input : 12 V
Type : Ultrasonic
Wind module sensitivity : 0.25 Nd